6 Years And Still Staying Fresh Part 2

6 Years And Still Staying Fresh Part 2


It's taken the best part of a month but we are now chock-full of (almost all) our new Traders!


We have been getting a lot of love for the new stock so far. You may have spotted some of it in-store but here to give you a proper introduction to a few more of our spangly new traders, here is....


Beeze's New Traders (pt.2)



Starting off with a bit of sparkle to really get your attention is Salisbury based Stjarna. Jo at Stjarna makes jewellery using copper and raw stones and they look absolutely magical! She uses a technique called electroforming where copper is slowly grown on to a copper base to thicken it and create unique settings for crystals and stones. It even sounds magical!

She has sent us some stunning rings, earrings, necklaces and a couple of hair forks.

These are in store only so you will have to come in to see them in all their glory but here's a sneak peek to lure you in....





Next on the list, for you craft-kit lovers out there, is Pineapple Fibre Art. Devon based Emma from Pineapple Fibre Art is inspired by the intricate patterns of vintage doilies. This mixed with her love of yarn and colour has produced some stunning mandalas and now, DIY kits so you can do your own at home!


Emma lives between the moors and the sea and the colours from this environment clearly run through her art and kits. Why not have a go at one of the smaller kits which are suitable for beginners. Alternatively if you've already got the crochet bug why not try your hand at the larger of our kits, the 'Rough Seas' mandala.






This next one is for the kids! Dorset based Sophie Natasha is a handmade business run from home. Natasha is a mother of 4 and has found an ingenious way to keep kids amused whilst using their artistic abilities with her colour-in bunting. 


Her bunting comes in two themes; fairytale or dinsoaurs, and in sizes mini or large. Each set comes complete with bunting made up of 5 flags with images to colour in, 4 fabric pens and instructions. They make a great gift and are a fun little activity which kids can then display in their bedroom or play area





If you're looking for something decorative for your own space then look no further! Another local trader to come to us this summer is Swindon based Wire And Wool.

Laura's work is heavily influenced by nature, using black coated copper wire to create framed sculptures. Her wire wildflowers really caught our attention and she had her first sale the day after delivery! Due to these being such unique, one-off pieces they are currently in-store only. 






 Our last trader for this blog is also from Swindon. Louise of Ceramic Whatnots creates some really lovely, earthy ceramics. Each one has designs carved in to it by hand meaning no two are the same. They are then covered with a white glaze which makes the patterns stand out.

You can find most of her pieces online but to find the design that calls to you personally you will need to come in store.





 This would have been a really long read if I had included every one of our new traders, so why not come and have a look for yourself to see what our other fresh faces have to offer?

Along with our newbies, regular's re-stocking and our own seasonal stock coming in we think you'll be sure to find something.




Can't wait to have a good look in person? Why not pop in to our lovely store, we're here Monday to Saturday between 10am - 5pm. 

Or head over to beezes.co.uk or to our Instagram for a little look at our latest and greatest. Remember, you can always click and collect your items from the store within one business hour!



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