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Bath Salts - What’s all the fuss about?

Hey, Laura here!

When I was working in the shop recently I realised I didn't really know what bath salts actually did apart from looking pretty and making you feel relaxed. I got curious and decided to delve a little deeper into the magic of bath salts. To tell you the truth, I was completely blown away by how much they heal our skin and help our overall well-being!

I figured a lot of you are probably where I was with it too, so I ended up getting carried away and here I am, writing a blog post about it...

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To begin with, they are great for cleansing, detoxifying, and restoring a healthy glow to your skin. If you have dry skin or conditions such as eczema or psoriasis then it’s well worth regularly bathing in bath salts to reduce redness and irritation.

Their healing powers aren’t just surface deep either, bath salts help with muscle pain (making them a post-workout essential!) and have been proven to help with swollen and inflamed joints too. 

Plus, they’re not just great for your body but also help with your mind’s healing too. Soaking in a warm, calming bath of salts is a known aid to help with anxiety, depression, and even insomnia - so it’s well worth having a soak before bed.

When put together with other natural ingredients, there’s no end to how much they help your overall health. We stock some of the best combos of bath salts out there, all designed to enhance your well-being including:




Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, so they naturally brighten and refresh your skin. Plus, Lemon has proven antibacterial and antiviral properties too which can accelerate the skin's healing process

Calendula is a beautiful summer flower known for its ability to soothe redness, lessen swelling and help body tissue regenerate.

Together they are the ultimate power couple for a skin rejuvenating soak. 

Shop Lemon & Calendula here



We all know how beautiful roses are, but did you know they contain natural 

anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and astringent properties? Plus they're full of natural oils and Vitamin C which hydrate and replenish dull, dry skin

Ylang ylang is a fruity and rich smelling tropical flower known for its ability to help reduce anxiety and even boost your mood.

What better way to start the day than a refreshing soak in a mix of the two?

Shop Rose & Ylang here



Coconut is one of the world's best natural moisturisers but is also incredibly cleansing and also has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it perfect for dry skin.

Almonds have anti-ageing properties which help skin regenerate naturally. 

It also contains vitamins A & E that protect skin from sun damage and stimulate skin cell generation.

​​The combination of the two creates beautifully soft and rejuvenated skin. 

 Shop Coconut & Almond here

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They’re not just good for a long soak in the bath either, you can easily add your choice of oil to turn them into a foot or body scrub to use in the shower.

Did you know these are just a few of our wonderful bath time essentials too?

bath bombs botanical wax melts 

Pair your bath salts with a vegan jumbo bath bomb for an extra wonderful soak as well as our gorgeous cruelty-free goat's milk soap which is amazing for sensitive skin. Then finish your natural skincare routine with Bee Happy Beeswax Balm which is made right here in Devizes and perfect for locking in moisture.

 Or pop in to the shop to check out our whole range of wonderful, natural bath and skincare products. 


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