NEW Chocolate With Added Pzazz!

NEW Chocolate With Added Pzazz!

We are SO excited about our new chocolate brand that we felt they deserved a welcome blog post.

Cocoa Pzazz chocolate bars

When we headed to Top Drawer back in February, one of the things we were keeping an eye out for was a chocolate brand to sit alongside our current best sellers, Bristol based Chocoloco.

We take huge care in ensuring all the lovely artists and brands that we work with fit with our values. Here's what we were looking for in a new chocolate brand:

  • They'd work with cacao and chocolate producers who grow sustainably and pay their workers fairly (NB. Cacao are the seeds from which cocoa, cocoa butter, and chocolate are made).
  • Eco-friendly but pretty packaging
  • Handmade by a small UK business
  • A vegan option or two

Well, Laura and I really felt like we hit the jackpot when we found Coco Pzazz.

The gorgeous packaging by their in house designer first drew us in as we wandered past - fabulous bold patterns and colours that will fit right in on our shelves (and online shop!) *tick* and eco-friendly packaging - a cardboard outer and compostable bio-film inside *tick*.

The chocolate is made by hand by a small team in Wales *tick*. We were really excited to see lots of interesting flavours of milk, dark and white chocolate as well as not one, but TWO vegan 'milk' options, which is something we've really been missing for a while *tick*. The big question was which one to try first - Double Chocolate or Salted Caramel?!

Salted caramel or double chocolate vegan 'milk' chocolate

When we asked about their eco credentials, we pretty much had to lift our jaws off of the floor afterwards and we just knew we needed to work with this lovely small business. 

Here's the to the point version:

  • All UK deliveries are carbon neutral
  • They use only 100% renewable energy
  • No commercial waste goes to landfill
  • All packaging is recyclable or compostable
  • All the chocolate they use is sustainably grown
  • They actively support chocolate growing communities in Ghana
  • They have started to offer Micro Loans to chocolate farmers in West Africa and South America – enabling individual growers to develop their small chocolate farms.


Cocoa pzazz chocolate bar flavours

To top it off, it tastes bloody delicious! We're really chuffed that we are able to offer you the Coco Pzazz collection, and feel so lucky to be able to work with people doing such amazing things!

Check out the full product range HERE. Psst... we also got some delicious fudge too - Clotted Cream or Malt Whisky?! 

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