Father's Day Gift Guide

 Need some inspo for the tricky man in your life? Well my friend, you have come to the right place as we have done what we do best here and curated a collection of handmade gifts to appeal to the Dad's in your lives this Father's Day.

Here's a few of our favourites, all made by some very talented UK based crafts folk, of course. 

*** Father's Day - Sunday 19th June 2022 ***

1. Worry Less Designs - Mugs & Magnets


We're finding that more and more people are favouring gifts that can be used, rather than just admired. Our Worry Less Design collection has only been with us for a few weeks but it has already been really popular and people are often attracted to it being a functional gift, as well as witty and funny!

It's definitely bought for both men and women, but mostly men so they are a proven great gift this Father's Day.

The range includes pieces for walkers, runners, cyclists and dog lovers.


2. Sweary Pencil Set


This cheeky pencil set is one of my faves - even if it is a bit naughty! 

Again, as a functional gift our pencils are always popular. We have other sets available too for those of you who prefer something more tame, or you can make your own by having a look through our individual pick 'n' mix pencils


3. Exclusive Devizes Gifts


Our Exclusive Devizes range remains one of our most popular collections, with the tea towel stealing the top spot as our best selling item in store. Every. single. time.

Featuring Wadworth Brewery, the Roundway White Horse, our beautiful Ginnel and the jaw dropping Caen Hill Locks, you won't find this design anywhere other than our online store and our high street shop.

The collection also includes mugs, coasters, keyrings, magnets, cushions and notecards.


4. Chocoloco Father's Day Chocolate

Our Chocoloco chocolate is always a favourite for any occasion, and we're not expecting Father's Day to be any different!

The Bristol based chocolatiers make fun, colourful, and sometimes a bit sweary, message bars and lollipops that always put a smile on people's faces. I couldn't pick a favourite so I've chosen a selection to show you here, but there's loads more in store or on the website here.

We also have a range from Cocoa Pzazz, some of which are vegan friendly.


5. Icon Coasters & Keyrings


Another really popular range for our male customers is the icon collection of coasters and keyrings by Wot Ma Like

We find a lot of people collect their favourite musicians and we have A LOT of people buy them for their partners/husbands/Dads etc.

Designed by a small independent business, the images are then printed onto wooden coasters and keyrings - even better, they come in at under a fiver each which we think is a real bargain!


6. Beeswax Man Balm

Our Man Balm is handmade down the road in Devizes, Wiltshire with beeswax from Wiltshire bees! We stock Claire's full range of balms but the man balm always disappears first and has become an essential for lots of our local customers.

Man balm is just perfect for the guy who wants his grooming routine is one simple tin - the beeswax and organic vegetable oil formula truly is a multi-purpose product.

The blend of sandalwood, juniper & clove bud essential oils give off a gentle masculine scent. Apply to hands, knees, elbows, heels to moisturise and repair dry, chapped skin. it is also great for defining hair styles, softening beards and taming those goatees and moustaches.



Feeling inspired? Check out the full collection in the online shop, or we'd love to see you in store!


In store: Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm

Online: 24/7 (orders by Tuesday 14th June for delivery!)


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