Let's Get Autumnal! A helping hand to channelling those cosy vibes.

Let's Get Autumnal! A helping hand to channelling those cosy vibes.



This was going to be a blog about feeling autumnal when its so warm but a chill is in the air and the scarves are out! Having said that the stereotypical British weather is still drizzling away, so here is a helping hand for those of you that need assistance to channel some of that cosy Autumnal magic...




We LOVE how excited you've been about the Halloween earrings. It's a great excuse to treat yourself to a new piece of jewellery and a bit of fun, whether its used as a subtle hint of the celebration of Samhain or an accessory to finish off a Halloween outfit. If you're still looking to adorn your ears with some potions bottles, ghosts or spider webs there are a couple of pairs left so hurry on in to grab yours.

It's not just us having the All Halllows Eve fun though, people are getting their pets in on the action too! Dawny's Sewing Room made some fantastically spooky pet bandanas (with matching headbands for the humans) and the cute little ghosts in particular have practically flown out the door.




If you're wanting to cosy down at the end of the day we have some tricks for filling your favourite rooms with the ultimate autumnal vibes. The most obvious option being the humble, but seasonally scented, candle! Most of the summer scents have gone but we have had a delivery of candles that will fill your home with cosy fragrances such as Marzipan and Candied Peel, Spiced Apple, and - my personal favourite of this seasons range- Orange, Clove and Cinnamon. These candles will get you feeling all the feels whilst cuddling up in your favourite blanket and because they are sustainably made and paraffin free (no nasty toxins in this home thank you!) you can light them and enjoy the smells guilt free.

For those of you who are looking for more decorative options we have some wonderful artwork filled with the colours of Autumn. Becca Thorne's magical lino print designs in their earthy tones are placed on handmade paper made from coppiced trees, bringing those nature vibes right into the home. If you're looking for a more affordable option why not try our DIY pom pom garlands, the pom pom's of which are available in the rich hues of those beautiful leaves currently falling from the trees. 




This has to be Stitched By Chand's softest most snuggly of knitted snoods and headbands. They really are the cosiest thing in this whole shop and the colours are just stunning. With 14 colours to choose from there is surely a headband to match every colour of winter coat! For extra accessorising you could use one of her crochet necklaces in one of the multiple deep reds and pinks or even have a go at making your own with her DIY kits whilst curled up in your now cosy home. 

In preparation for the incoming cold weather don't forget to stock up on your favourite lip balms and hand creams. Handmade for us in Wiltshire our hand creams are made with natural ingredients including Cocao Seed Butter and Almond oil which are rich in antioxidants and come in scents such as 'Jasmine and Orange' and 'Lavender and Bergamot'. Our lip balms are made by the same magical beings and are also produced with all naturally derived ingredients including Shea Butter and Beeswax. I went for the Peaches and Cream for ultimate sweetness!





Feeling tempted? Pop in to our lovely store Monday to Saturday between 10am - 5pm to get the full experience and to check out our store exclusive products!

Alternatively head over to our Instagram for a little look at up to date deliveries or our website at beezes.co.ukRemember, you can always click and collect your items from the store within one business hour!

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