Let's Gift Differently This Easter!

Let's Gift Differently This Easter!


Yes, yes yes, we all LOVE chocolate, especially at Easter but does anyone else find it a bit... impersonal? The supermarkets sell them in the hundreds of thousands and nothing about a creme egg screams 'I really thought of you!'.

So we've put together a list of our favourite Easter gifts for 2023 that will make your loved ones feel super special...


1. Plant Pots!



What better way to celebrate spring than by planting some flowers and giving them to a friend? Or you could get them some seeds and it's a fun DIY kit to do over the Easter weekend - extra points for spending the time to do it with them. 

These lovely plant pots are for indoor plants and fine to pop in the garden as they're coated with a UV varnish to keep them looking nice and bright. 

Pop in to store to check them out.  


2. Hand Painted British Wildlife



These beautiful bird wreaths are created by engraving and laser cutting hand drawn illustrations in MDF, and finished with a layer of paint by artist Lily Faith.

Each wreath is made using hand sourced materials, foraged from Lily's garden, or from walks with her four legged friend! Each seed head used is gently tapped out, so that there will be more flowers for the bees, and more seed heads for next year too. What better way to celebrate spring than that?

We have all your favourite British birds as well as some little foxes and bees too. 




Lily also makes adorable little pins and plant pot companions too - click here to see the whole collection.


3. Wildflower Stationery



Who else always feels the need to catch up on their to-do list in the spring? There's something about the fresh air that makes you want to sort out everything. So what better way that with the prettiest set of to-do lists you have ever set eyes on?



Not to mention the gorgeous bookmarks to match! How else will you put down the book and get that to-do list done? 😉


4. Spring Flower Mugs & Bookmarks



The Mellors Create, who also paints the plant pots above, is a new Beeze's Trader for 2023 and has also blessed us with these beautiful mugs and bookmarks that just scream spring. 

Available in blue, purple or pink flowers, these mugs and bookmarks are unbelievably pretty, perfect for a cuppa and a snuggle with a good book over Easter if it's a bit wet out there.


5. Everlasting Flowers 



These beautiful potted flowers are a lovely keepsake and a friendly bloom to add a little bit of sunshine and cheer to anyone's shelf or favourite spot on their desk. 

Every single stem is laser cut from environmentally friendly FSC certified wood and then finished and painted by hand in the Betsy & Els studio, in Yorkshire. 




We also sell individual stems too so you can just buy a single stem. How cute! People love giving the flower that matches the recipient's birth month which is a very sweet idea but any flower is guaranteed to bring a smile to someone's face. There's also the option to gift a whole garden with these Spring Sets of 5 stems held up in a little DIY planter. 


6. Hot Chocolate Spoons



Ok, if you really can't let that chocolate fix go then we've still got you. Our hot chocolate spoons are handmade by a small team in Bristol and make the smoothest hot chocolate you'll ever have at home. 

The flower ones are a huge favourite at Easter because well, just look how cute they are! But we do also have some dinosaur and heart themed ones too. In fact, we have a whole section full of sweet treats right here.


7. Don't forget the cards!



Not to brag but we definitely have the best Easter and spring cards around! Check out these pop out beauties which are so much more than just a card, they're their own decoration and deserve to be left out all season as the piece of art they are.

We have a tonne of options too! From gardens to hopping hares, there's so many amazing designs to choose from. 



If you do want to keep things casual, we have some lovely standard sized easter cards to shout about too - including some smaller pop out ones which the kids will LOVE. 


8. Cheeky Chocolate



And if you're going to go for a proper slab of chocolate regardless, at least make it handmade, delicious chocolate which is guaranteed to get a laugh out of your loved ones because ultimately, that's what gift giving is all about!



That's not even all of the wonderful, magical things you could get for Easter! Check out the lovely collection online right here. Remember, you can always click and collect your items from the store within one business hour too!

Or pop in to our lovely store Monday to Saturday between 10am - 5pm to get the full experience and check out our store exclusive products!

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