Staff Picks - Laura's Faves From The Shop

Staff Picks - Laura's Faves From The Shop

It was clear from our galavanting at Top Drawer that whilst Laura and I can appreciate the beauty in a lot of things, our tastes and the colours and styles that we are most drawn to differ a lot! 

I thought it may be nice for you to see things from her perspective, so over to Laura and her top picks from the shop right now...

Sian summerhayes fox print

1. Summer Foxes Art Print

I definitely have to start this list with something fox related! The Summer Foxes art print by Sian Summerhayes is the sweetest little print I've ever seen! Oh and I have to add the Zoe Rose Art keyring with the fox curled up with the little mushrooms is too cute to handle - I couldn't choose so I'm combining these as one pick!

Katie Cardew Dogs Tea Towel

2. Dogs Tea Towel

The new Katie Cardew tea towels are all so beautiful but I particularly got super excited by the dog tea towel. I love that it has a whole range of breeds on it so I was able to spot my dog, Buddy, as well as a bunch of other family doggos there so I have a whole list of people I want to give one too because it has their dog on it as well!

Bonbi Forest Notebook

3. Bonbi Forest Prints and Notebooks

The Bonbi forest prints and notebooks are absolutely magical, the illustrations make me feel so calm and connected to nature. Every time you look at them there's another little detail you didn't notice before which just makes them the gift that keeps on giving. Plus the notebooks have a really nice matte finish to them which gives them a really nice hand feel, this is very important when you're as obsessed with a good notebook as I am.

Botanical wax melt rounds

4. Botanical Wax Melts

I must admit, I'm a bit of an Ethel and Co wax melt addict. They last so long and perfectly fill a room with their gorgeous scents. The pumpkin spice and yuletide ones were amazing in the autumn and winter but I think Country Garden from the new botanical collection will be my signature summer scent this year. Then again, I might grab myself a sample box first so I can try them all out!

Jumbo bath bombs

5. Natural Jumbo Bath Bombs

Another constant in my house are our bath bombs. Honey and Vanilla is probably my favourite Jumbo bath bomb as it smells beautiful but I also love getting the little colourful pick n mix hearts so I can have a different coloured bath every time because you know, it's the little things in life! Plus it's fun to do a little pick n mix!

Sod the diet chocolate bar 

6. Chocoloco Chocolate Message Bars

I looove the Chocoloco chocolate - it is so delicious and definitely a nice change from your bog-standard supermarket chocolate. In fact, It's quite dangerous being around it all the time because it's too tempting not to have! So I tend to have a bar stashed under the counter for chocolate emergencies. I also love giving these as presents as they generally have a giggle-worthy message on them which always goes down well.

Real flower bangle

7. Silver & Birch Real Flower Jewellery

Finally, I think the Silver and Birch Jewellery collection is really extraordinary. The fact that all of the flowers inside are grown from Helen's own garden, dried and set into studs, dangles, bangles and necklaces makes me appreciate the beauty of them so much. You can see that each one is unique and along with the range of colours you can buy them in, they just make a truly thoughtful gift for someone special. 

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