The Big Question: In Store or Online?! Well, Why Not Both?

The Big Question: In Store or Online?! Well, Why Not Both?

In today's fast-paced world, shopping has undergone a whirlwind transformation from the rise of online shopping to many beloved stores closing left, right and centre. It's hard to ignore and it does make you wonder whether we'll still have our bustling, buzzing high streets for much longer or if we're all turning into zombies glued to a screen.

But at the same time, how convenient can online shopping be? Not many of us have the time and space to make a special trip into town during store hours (as much as we would absolutely love to!) and well, the weather hasn't exactly been drawing us out of hibernation this year, has it?

Is it just me or does this end up making you feel a bit guilty? Because we should be supporting our local businesses, fostering our community and all that jazz but well, we also just want an ounce of convenience in our crazy lives. Well... Maybe it doesn't have to be this way.

We're all human and have a wealth of different needs at different times, there's no need to add any more weight onto your shoulders. Especially when shopping should be something you enjoy, not dread! 

That's why I'm a strong believer that brick & mortar shops and online stores can work together beautifully if used in tandem by independent shops. 

So let's have a look at the why we should absolutely be utilising the In-Store Experience...

The touchy-feely of it all

Probably the most important thing about in-store shopping is that it allows you to physically see, touch, and try on products before making a purchase. You can feel the materials, assess the quality, and ensure the item is perfect for you. This hands-on experience provides a level of satisfaction that online shopping simply can't replicate. 

 I mean, yes you can get an idea of what something will *look* like when you shop online but can you see the individual brush strokes of hand-painted birds? Or choose which piece of glass has the perfect amount of colour without taking in the slight differences between each and every handmade piece beautifully laid out before you? 

It may not always seem it but these things are definitely important, especially when buying something personal that you intend to gift to someone you love or keep forever. 

It's a social thing

There's something undeniably exciting about stepping into a physical store, surrounded by vibrant displays, good music and the joint camaraderie of fellow shoppers, it makes you feel a part of something wonderful. A little community of like-minded people that enjoy all of the wonderful things you do, without having to actually go out and actively meet people. There's something so special in that. 

Also, how fun is it to share your shopping experience with your friends or family? Having a mooch around the shops and giggling at the rude cards and saying "ooo that's you!" is a great bonding experience and is not one to be lost in the straightforward nature of online shopping. It's about the experience, making memories and the laughs along the way. 

There when you need us

Forgotten someone's birthday? Run out of your favourite soap? Your local brick & mortar shop is there for you. You can just nip out quickly, maybe on your lunch break or just for 10 minutes in between your plans for the day. There's none of that hitting 'order now' and then waiting around for delivery or worrying about missed packages. 

We're really lucky where we are, as there is parking on either side of The Ginnel that we sit in, so not only can you pop in on foot but it's really easy if you need to drive in too. We're also just a minute from the Market Place's bus stops so we're easily accessible no matter how you travel. 

Not to mention, we'll even wrap up gifts for you and happily hand you a pen to write in that late birthday card. We're always happy to go that extra mile that a website simply can't. 

Although the joy of a shop like ours that embraces being online, is that if you're in a rush, you can quickly purchase something on our website and it will be wrapped up, ready for collection within the hour at absolutely no extra cost. How cool is that?




And now, let's look at what's so great about shopping online with those same independent businesses... 

Feeling at home

While the traditional in-store experience has its charm and purpose, let's face it, online shopping is just easier sometimes. It's easy to sit on the sofa with a cuppa and scroll through all the things we could possibly want with our fingertips. We could, and will, do it for hours if given the opportunity. 

We can even do it in our pyjamas at 9pm with a face mask on and Netflix playing in the background too and well, who are we to argue with that? Especially if going out means lugging the kids along on a mini-mission or specifically scheduling time out of your busy day. If it's much more relaxing to scroll through your favourite shop's 'New In' page with your feet up then I say go for it!

Decisions, Decisions.

There's often a lot to take in when you go into an actual shop, especially when you enjoy browsing shops like ours which are filled to the brim with hundreds of incredible pieces of art and jewellery etc and let's face it, it can be a bit overwhelming at first glance.

I remember my wondrous first time in Beeze's, there were so many incredible, unique things to look at that I think it took me a whole week of working there to actually see everything in detail.

And whilst we encourage you to take your time, sometimes it's just a bit easier for our brains to digest what we've seen in our own time and within the columns of a web page. It often jogs our memories on the things that really stood out to us and that we had already decided were great quality at the time. You can then go through and ensure that you get exactly what you want. 

If you're on a budget, find it difficult to shop with other people around, are on a time limit or like me, simply get crippling decision anxiety, then this is the perfect solution for you.

It's the best of both worlds all wrapped up.

How exciting is having something delivered though?

The convenience of doorstep delivery is a game-changer. There's no need to worry about lugging heavy shopping bags or finding a parking spot. Your purchases are delivered right to your doorstep, saving you time and effort and that's not something you should have to feel guilty about at all.

Plus, when you purchase from a local brick & mortar like us, we can actually deliver to your door that very evening for free, as long as you're within our reach. We'll even have it all wrapped up and everything - how cool is that? 


At the end of the day, the choice between in-store and online shopping boils down to personal preference/needs and you should absolutely not feel any guilt for that.

It's only human to want go out to the shops, have fun and enjoy seeing or feeling items for yourself but it's also human to just want the easy life and order something in your own time and space. Both are absolutely great. Being able to do either one at different times depending on your needs is even better. 

So, it's up to us brick & mortars to start embracing the benefits that online shopping has for our amazing customers so that we can work together to strike that balance of keeping us on high streets and accessing those who can't make it to us. 

At the end of the day, it's about who you shop with, not how. Next time you're looking to shop online, just make sure you start with your local shops and small businesses first because your support means everything to the independent shops holding up your high street.



Inspired to have a little look at our website? Head over to for a little look at our latest and greatest. Remember, you can always click and collect your items from the store within one business hour!

Or maybe you're now in the mood to pop in to our lovely store? We're here for you Monday to Saturday between 10am - 5pm. Come along to get the full in-store experience and check out our store exclusive products!

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