4 Top Teacher Gift Ideas For Panicked Parents!

4 Top Teacher Gift Ideas For Panicked Parents!

We've all been there, full of good intentions to sort that gift but life gets in the way. Then just like that, you blink and its the end of the school year! Or maybe you are just an overthinker - have I spent enough? Will they get 30 of these?

So here's four ideas to hopefully inspire your teacher gift giving...


  1. Gifts For Multiple Teachers


Are you one of the lucky ones whose kids have multiple teachers throughout the week? Plus teaching assistants and of course the glue that holds things together, the one that keeps all the parents in check - the receptionist!!

It can be hard when you want to say thank you to all of them but you just can't afford it. My tip? Mini hampers! A few small items put together with some thought can mean more than the gift itself.

We have some amazing options for this on our handmade shelves of happiness! Some of our faves for less than £3:

  • Boozy lollies made with real alcohol - at 2 for £2.50 they are a popular little treat!
  • Bath teabags - a relaxing treat, with loads of scent options available. 
  • Our amazing new wax melts - pick one, or make up a little pick n mix gift box.
  • Small but very useful, our pencils are always super popular! Hand stamped with fun phrases (some naughty, some nice!), you can grab these on their own or choose a themed set and share them out! 


2. The Crafty Gift 


Give them an excuse to really reset this summer with one of our fun craft kits. They can relax in their garden with an easy going cross stitch and a cheeky glass of Pimms, or release some of that term time frustration learning to needle felt (the basic jist of this craft is stabbing felt with a needle!)

Our felt ball garland kits are a lovely laid-back choice - they're satisfying to make and with loads of colours to choose from, you can't go too wrong even if you don't know them well. They add a happy pop of colour which is a nice little bonus!


3. The Gift That Keeps On Giving 


Most of us have that one space in our home that needs a little freshen up, for me its the shoe cupboard! Or maybe you just like to swap scents round the house.

Our handmade clay air fresheners come in a range of shapes and colours and you can choose your favourite little bottle of essential oil to accompany them. At just £7.50 for the set, these are lovely gift that will last long after the scent disappears with the tag being a lovely litter decoration on its own.


4. The 'De-Teacher Mode' Gift

Sometimes it's easy for us to forget that it's not just the kids who can get bogged down with the monotony of school life, rules and regs. 

Let's get them to ditch the sensible work uniform and go for something fun and individual with our brightly coloured earrings - we have a huge selection and most of them are 100% completely unique - no two will be the same!  


Why not pop in to our lovely store Monday to Saturday between 10am - 5pm to get
the full experience and to check out our store exclusive products! Or if you struggle to get in to town you can shop online or contact us if something catches your eye on our social media and then use our click and collect service where your items can be ready for collection within one business hour!
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