7 Safe Secret Santa Ideas For People You Don't Really Know

7 Safe Secret Santa Ideas For People You Don't Really Know

There's always that moment of dread when you're drawing your Secret Santa at work. What do you get someone you don't really know? What if they have allergies, or they're one of these peculiar folk who don't like chocolate?!

We've scoured the shelves and found 7 lovely things that we think are a great all-rounder, that come in at around the £10 mark. There's lots of other ideas in the full collection, which includes bits for those of you lucky enough to get someone you actually know too!

1. Fun Pencils

These pencils were the first thing I thought of for this gift guide. With loads of words and phrases to choose from, they're absolutely perfect for people you know and love, or people you don't know in the slightest! They're also super useful - who doesn't need a pencil or two lying around, especially one that will make you smile?!

They're available individually, as pre-made boxed gift sets or you can make up your own boxed gift set from the singles.

Every time we order from Sarah and her team we change up the phrases we get, but our solid best seller throughout is always the sweary set! You can take a look at the full current range HERE.


2. The Classic Candle


So it feels a bit like wax melts have been hogging the home fragrance limelight recently, but we still have so much love for the humble candle - as do our lovely in store customers! Not everyone will have a wax melt burner (although a pack of melts and a nice burner would also make a lovely gift!) but everyone has access to a flame.

November to February is full on cosy candle season, and they're a still firm favourite for most, so you're likely not to go too far wrong with a nice, clean burning soy candle

We always recommend our own soy candles, made for us down the road in Bradford-On-Avon (hello salted caramel scented candle!), but we also have some gorgeous festive exclusives made by the Wild Olive team, which come in a little cheaper. 

Want to go that little bit further, and have more of a budget? The beeswax candle rolling kit makes a great activity based gift, with no prior candle making skills required!

3. A Quirky Christmas Decoration

It's safe to say that most people get caught up in the magic of Christmas, even if they don't like to admit it! A Christmas decoration is always a pretty safe bet. It's something they can get instant enjoyment out of, and then again year after year.

These hand cut decorations - made from last years Christmas trees - are a great crowd pleaser, admired by hard to buy for men (sorry guys, but it is a stereotype for a reason!) as well as ladies, kids and everyone else in between. There's lots of designs to choose from!

We've made a whole gift guide on our favourite Christmas decs for 2022 - head over HERE for some more inspo.

4. Festive Badges 


Not everyone wants to go full on festive with their wardrobe and accessories as we approach the big day, but even those borderline Grinch's can generally be persuaded to pop a little badge on their jacket or jumper!

These little knitted bobble hats are one of my fave new bits in the shop this year, but we have a few other options like our fun Flossy Teacake wooden Elf and Reindeer badges, and gorgeous robin brooches from Lily Faith and Kirstin Stride for a more classic option.

5. Genuine Leather Bookmarks


We all absolutely love these colourful, genuine leather bookmarks made in Scotland by Ark Colour Design.

There's definitely a design and colour for everyone in this range, and with reading rightly being a popular past time, they're a really fun but useful gift idea. Especially encouraged for those pesky corner folders!

Don't forget, these won't be welcomed by your vegan pals!

Fancy seeing the full collection? Just click HERE.

6. The Happy Newspaper

The Happy Newspaper celebrates all that’s good in the world; a platform to share positive news and wonderful people!

32 pages of feel good reading, The Happy Newspaper has been popular as a welcome respite from the deflating news coverage we've had to endure over the past couple of years.

Each issue is based around a theme and includes various features, poems, showbiz, food, science, nature and more combined with beautifully colourful illustrations throughout. As you may have noticed, this is not your typical newspaper!

We're confident this will be a hit with whoever you've drawn for your Secret Santa! Grab them HERE.

7. A Mini Care Package


Buying skincare and beauty products isn't always risky business!

We can 100% guarantee that we only source products made by hand with the finest natural and organic ingredients. It's never a complete failsafe - everyone is different, and it's still possible for allergies to surface with our products - but we've earned a good reputation for curating ranges that are welcomed by customers with sensitive skin, and they always come back for more!

"But don't they cost loads more?" I hear you cry! Absolutely not... you can grab a bar of organic soap and a tin of organic lip balm for less than a tenner, with individual bits like our super popular bath tea bags starting at just £2!

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Want to see more? Check out the full collection online HERE.
Or pop in to our lovely store Monday to Saturday between 10am - 5pm to get the full experience and check out our store exclusive products!
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