8 Of The Best Stocking Fillers For Under £10

8 Of The Best Stocking Fillers For Under £10

Don't you just love giving little stocking fillers?! I mean, big gifts are great and all but sometimes you just want to add on a little something or put together a collection of bits and pieces which will maximise the Christmas morning unwrapping experience.

Well look no further, here's Beeze's proven crowd pleasers under a tenner:

1. Hand painted decorations (of course!)

Lucy at Squirrel Bandit makes the most adorable laser-cut Christmas decorations our of Maple Veneer wood which she then delicately hand paints to make them truly special keepsakes.

We love these as not only are they unique by design but because they're all carefully crafted by hand, each one is truly unique for you.

Plus, the little motif of 'Xmas Love' on these gorgeous reindeers makes these a perfect token to show someone special how much you care about them too. 

Pick up a Mini Reindeer Keepsake Decoration here.


2. Beautifully scented eco-friendly Wax Melts

Don't you just wish you could package up the beautifully nostalgic smell of warm gingerbread and Christmas spice on Christmas morning? Well, now you can. Our Coco soy Wax Melts by Ethel & Co are raved about by our customers (and myself, I could honestly gush on about them all day) but when they fill a room for hours with your favourite Christmassy scents, it's easy to see why. 

Plus they're made with eco friendly coco soy for a clean burn and supplied in glassine bags which are fully recyclable and biodegradable so it's a win all round! Head over here to check out our six super cosy scents

3. Cheeky Chocolate


Because if Christmas isn't for making people laugh out loud, then what is it all about?! Extra points for being able to demolish this delicious insult too. Does 'Merry Christmas Knobhead' not quite work? Maybe 'Christmas Wanker' fits better? We've got Jingle Balls and Tinsel Tits to hand out too, along with some cheeky chocolate lollies too like these!
Now those particular ones are obviously for the big kids but we do also have some child-friendly options like this lovely 'Merry Christmas' one as well as a range of adorable Hot Chocolate Spoons - all handcrafted by a small, independent business based in Bristol. Check out all of our chocolate here.

4. Fabulous Earrings!



No Christmas outfit is complete without a set of funky festive earrings and these pearlescent penguins are definitely different!
We love these hand poured, resin penguin studs by Panya as they have a gorgeous shimmery design and come with a stainless steel backing so you don't have to worry about sensitive ears.

At only £8.00, they're perfect to pop in a stocking. Pick them up here or check out Panya's Shimmery Christmas Tree earrings too.

5. More Earrings!

Ok, now I know what you're thinking but hear me out!

I've included these hand painted, Gold Star Stud Earrings by Ivy and Ginger next in this list because they definitely have a *Christmassy vibe* going on BUT they can also be worn again with any outfit all year round.

So if you know someone who may not be in to the quirkiness of Christmas Penguins but still want to join in with the Christmas spirit, you can get them a set of Gold Star Stud Earrings, which also feature a pair of pink and purple ones too, or Silver Star Stud Earrings, which come with a blue and green pair as well.

6. Mini Cross Stitch Kits

Perfect for both absolute beginners and expert cross stitchers, our mini cross stitch kits are fab stocking fillers. In fact, they're the perfect activity to do after eating Christmas dinner - you know, when you can barely move but want to do something fun anyway.

Or if you think your recipient would love the design but not the making, you can always stitch it up for them instead. They make wonderful keepsakes which can be put out on display and treasured forever.

All of our cross stitch kits are designed and manufactured by a small Wiltshire based business and can be bought right here. On top of the fabulous Gin Bottle, we have loads of designs to choose from. Including Mystical Moths, Dolly the Sausage Dog and so many more!

7. Christmas Bath Bombs!!

Have you seen our Christmas vegan friendly bath bombs yet?!

They're made by hand in small batches just for us, using only natural ingredients, including non-toxic dyes and bio-glitters. Not to mention, they're £4.00 each or 3 for £9.99! 

Our favourite is the adorable melting snowman but we have a good seven Christmas designs to choose from here on top of our funky every day ones.

8. Pop a lovely note in!

Let your loved ones know just how special they are to you with an A5 card featuring a lovely handmade decoration which they can keep forever. 

You can choose from a red or grey hand painted car featuring a bunch of festive presents or a big ole' Christmas tree piled on top. 

After all, it's always important to let someone know how much you care but it's particularly heart warming at Christmas.


Knowing that you can purchase handmade and unique gifts for your loved once is a great feeling and it's even better knowing that you can not only support your local high street but a also bunch of small, independent businesses and artists up and down the country by buying from Beeze's. So we hope these gifts give you the warm and fuzzy feelings they give us too.

If you want to see our whole Christmas for under £10 collection, check it out here.
Or pop in to our lovely store Monday to Saturday between 10am - 5pm to get the full experience and check out our store exclusive products like Holly's Boozy Lollipops for £1.25 and our extensive range of fabulous Christmas cards starting at just £2.50.

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