I am so excited to be able to welcome you back to my 'brick and mortar' shops again. The past few months have been a challenge, but we are still here! Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way - we have been so touched by the support from our little community. I've really enjoyed growing the business online, and it's been so lovely to see so many smiley faces on our doorstep delivery rounds!

Of course, our main priority upon re-opening is ensuring the shops are as safe for us all as possible. We have followed government guidance, undertaken risk assessments, moved the entire shop around, and feel we will be ready to welcome you again from Thursday 18th June. 

Below you will find our full policy, which is subject to change at any time, without notice given the current situation we find ourselves in. If you are making a special trip to visit our Devizes shops, please call ahead to ensure we are open and avoid disappointment: 01380 720084.

We are also launching bookable shopping slots for individuals to have the shop to themselves. Sign up to our mailing list for more information when we get it up and running; just scroll to the bottom of this page and submit your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

I hope to see you all as soon as you feel ready, but in the mean time you can shop online with click and collect, doorstep delivery or postal options available.

Much love



What does CovidSecure mean? 

CovidSecure means businesses have taken every reasonable step to ensure the safety of their premises, their employees, their customers and the community. 

The government guidance that we have used to form this policy can be viewed here: Shops & branches COVID-Secure guidance

What steps have we taken?

We have...

  1. Read the government guidance and ensure we are up to date
  2. Completed a risk assessment, which will be reviewed as required
  3. Completed a re-occupation checklist 
  4. Taken steps to protect our employees, contractors and consumers. Read on for more information on our new rules and policies
  5. Communicated our Covid-Secure status with signage. Should you have any queries at all, please contact Beth via email: info@beezes.co.uk



We will be easing back to 'normality' with reduced hours likely to be in effect throughout June and early July. We are taking it each day at a time, and aim to announce our opening hours on a weekly basis. Hours for week beginning Monday 15th July are as follows:

Monday - Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 9am-2pm
Friday: 9am-2pm
Saturday: 10am-3.30pm
Sunday: CLOSED



Please do not come to the shop if you have a new, persistent cough, loss of or change to taste or smell, or a high temperature.

Face coverings - it is up to you whether you decide to wear a face covering. Should you choose to do so, please respect others' decision not to, and ensure you are familiar with how to use them safely.

Please always:

  • Respect 2m social distancing rules
  • Be polite and respectful to one another
  • Avoid touching your face as much as possible

On arrival, please:

  • Join the queue if there is one. If there is no queue, please make sure we know you're there and;
  • Wait to be invited in
  • Shop alone, or with one other person from your household/bubble only
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided, or your own

Whilst shopping, please:

  • Follow the one way system which will be pointed out to you on arrival
  • Avoid touching items that you are not considering purchasing, where possible
  • Be aware and respectful of other customers and staff

When approaching the counter/leaving the premises, please:

  • Do not come any closer to the counter than the marked X on the floor if someone else is being served
  • Pay by card - contactless is preferred where possible
  • Bring your own bags and pack them yourself, where possible
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided, or your own
  • Be considerate of our Ginnel neighbours and their customers too

Should you have any concerns at all, we please ask that you contact Beth, the Business Owner, in the first instance. This is all very new to us, and while we feel we have made every effort to ensure a safe and secure environment for you to shop in, we welcome constructive feedback if you feel there are ways we can do better. You can contact Beth here.


  • Hand sanitiser is available for staff and customer use.
  • We will speak to every customer before they begin browsing to ensure they understand, and are comfortable with, the measures in place.
  • Price tags have been moved so they are visible on items, where possible.
  • The entrance/exit door will be open as much as possible.
  • Only water is to be brought on to the premises - customers are asked not to eat or drink on the premises. Staff must close for lunch and clean as appropriate before re-opening.
  • A screen has been fitted at the counter.
  • Commonly touched surfaces (i.e. card machines, counter top, door handles, hand rail on stairs etc) will be cleaned between customers.
  • A one way system has been implemented:
    Please use the door for Little B's as the entrance and exit point.
    Turn right on entry, then walk the entire length of the shop.
    Turn left at the end and left again to close the loop and end your visit at the counter.
    If you only wish to shop in Little B's, you are able to cut around the stairs if safe to do so.
  • We will not be wearing face masks, but we do have some for emergencies where we may need to approach people.
  • Disposable gloves are available for staff and customers on request or in emergencies. Hand sanitiser must still be used before putting on the gloves, and the gloves must be disposed of on the premises before leaving.
  • Shop floor work (window displays, restocking etc) will only be undertaken if absolutely necessary, and if social distancing can be adhered to. 
  • The shop may be closed for limited periods throughout the day for staff to eat, restock or clean as required.
  • Our Traders will restock outside of opening hours, or send stock via post where possible.
  • Items of clothing that have been returned will not go back on to the shop floor for 72 hours and will be steamed first.

Updates will be implemented as required, and sometimes with immediate effect. We will always aim to ensure this page is up to date, but any rules and policies will be communicated directly and via signage to every customer and we ask that you follow the rules that are given on your visit.

We really hope to see lots of you soon, when you are feeling ready.