five 5 blue glazed coastal ceramic fish on recycled Jersey driftwood pallet - seaside beach decor gift from Jane James at Beezes

Blue Ceramic 5 Fish Pallet

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Like a tester pallet of breezy blue glazes these five ceramic fish are lined up ready for you! Hand made by Jane James who's work draws on inspiration from beautiful Jersey coastline.

Using some of their most popular glazes and mounted on Jersey driftwood, this piece makes the perfect gift for lovers of the sea and that chilled beach vibe. 

Dimensions: 9cm wide,  2.5cm deep, 18cm high
Fixings: A ‘D’ hook is fixed to the rear to hang it in a special place

*Please note that as each fish is individually handmade, there may be slight variations in colour and shape, but it all adds to the charm!*

Jane and her team of artists hand cut, press mould or slip cast the ceramics from white earthenware clay. They are then hand finished using a range of implements including various shells. The ceramics are then bisque fired to 1150c for 12 hours before they are individually hand painted with a range of speciality glazes. The ceramics are then fired a second time which produces beautifully bold and bright ceramic pieces with a magical lustre finish that capture the shimmering colours of the sea.

Most of Jane’s pieces are mounted on local driftwood collected from the many beautiful beaches around Jersey or other recycled wood. These add an extra sculptural quality and interest to create unique pieces of coastal art. Each piece of work is unique and conveys Jane’s colourful and happy style. Her work is identified using a handmade ceramic button signed with the letter ‘J’. Jane’s ceramics have qualified for Genuine Jersey status, which guarantees that the craft skill involved can be regarded as genuinely local to Jersey.