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Bonbi Forest

Do Your Thing Bonbi Forest Print

Do Your Thing Bonbi Forest Print

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This striking poster is a reminder to be gentle on yourself and do your thing. It's important to do your thing, the sentiment behind this piece is to remember we still have responsibilities and it's important not to burden others with them but it's so important to take some precious time for YOU regularly, even 5 minutes here and there...feed your soul with whatever it is that nourishes you, takes you off the treadmill of endless thoughts for a bit and makes you feel a purpose. Keep striving to do those things that make you, you!

It features a fronds of bright red and pink florals surrounding a hand lettered, motivational phrase of 'Do Your Thing' and is a reproduction of an original drawing by Lee Foster-Wilson.

The black and blue background contrasting with the brightly hued flowers will add a brilliant pop of colour to your walls!

The poster has been digitally printed onto thick 235gsm paper with a satin finish.

Choose from small A5 or medium A4.


A5 (21 x 14.8Cm)
A4 (21 x 29.7Cm)

Packaged flat with sturdy card in a biodegradable cello bag.

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